Ten Minute Play Dough; Endless Fun

PD 005

Play Dough is a daily activity at our house.  We use cookie cutters, rolling pins, toothpicks, and even hot wheels to create, mold, and let our imaginations run wild!

This Ten Minute Play Dough recipe requires five ingredients that you likely already have tucked away in your pantry, requires no cooking, and is easily ready for endless fun in just minutes…

PD 001a
What you’ll need:

– 3 Cups Flour
– 1 Cup Salt
– 1 Cup Water
– 1 Tablespoon Cooking Oil
– Food Coloring
– Rubber Gloves

PD 004a

Directions:  Mix Flour, Water, Oil & Salt in a mixing bowl.  Kneed for five minutes; until dough forms.  Separate dough into as many colors as you’d like to create.  Form a hole in dough, add food color, then kneed the color into the dough – be sure to wear your rubber gloves for this step.

PD 007

Ten Minute Play Dough is perfect for kids of all ages including the tinier tots that sometimes taste test their play dough – the five ingredients used to make this creation are all safe to ingest.

Have fun creating & molding this perfect Play Dough!
– T


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  1. What a fun idea! I haven’t used play doh yet with my little guy because of the whole eating everything – so this would be perfect to make for him!

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  2. How do you store this – does it have to be kept in the fridge or just in a plastic container on the counter? My little is OBSESSED with play-doh and it can get expensive!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We just keep them in plastic containers at room temperature in our craft closet. Sometimes over time they will require an additional pinch of flour but other than that we’ve had a lot of success! Thanks for stopping by Sara – have a great day.


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