Must Have Dry Shampoo

Let’s talk Dry Shampoo.  If you have not yet been introduced, are still using Baby Powder to freshen up your locks, or have held out on purchasing a can of the good stuff this is the article for you.  Read all about my thoughts on salon grade dry shampoo down to the grocery store finds.  Dry Shampoo is a necessity for your “no wash” days, refreshing your style before an evening out, for overnight camping trips, and is a great way to keep your bangs looking fresh.

The VERY best Dry Shampoo on the market is Bumble and Bumble Hair PowderWithout a doubt.  The best.  Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder comes in a variety of hair a-wl-IMG_2042colors/shades and while some other brands leave a white residue behind (ah-hem, Big Sexy Hair), Bumble and Bumble’s dry cleansing powder does not.  Their product matches individual hair color and goes on without notice and without build up.  This dry spray does not add weight, rather it adds the perfect boost and revives some much needed volume.  Bumble and Bumble costs approximately $36 and can only be purchased at participating salons.  A can lasts quite a while and it is definitely worth the cost and the drive to the salon.