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Crayola Mess Free Color Wonder

Crayola defines Color Wonder markers as “inks that color only on special paper and won’t color on skin, furniture or fabric”; it is “mess free”; for “ages 3+”; and is “the magic of color without the mess!”

tagipedia defines a 3 year old as an active, smiley, cuddly being who loves the outdoors; trusts there is “good” everywhere; asks why, then asks why again, and again; thinks Daddy can fix anything that is broke; believes a hug from momma can cure the worst moments & pains; lives for adventure and trying new things; finds happiness in minor and major accomplishments; is great with paint, play dough, and imagination; and can create a mess in record time.

IMG_0294-aAs I’ve mentioned before I have a three year old.  A three year old who is defined above.  When I came across Crayola Color Wonder a year or so ago I thought, “Mess free?  What a concept!  What an unbelievable concept.”  However, doubting the idea like waterproof mascara and superglue, I bought into the advertisement.  Crayola’s colorful packaging and big bold “mess free” logo spoke to me.  I bought it.  And I quickly found out with my then two year old that Color Wonder is mess free and magical.

Color Wonder markers ONLY work on Crayola paper.  The variety of colors mark in the specified cap color when coloring on the special paper and they do not mark on anything else.  The tips are white in color yet the actual marking appears clear when placed on skin, walls, furniture, or anywhere else a two or three year old might find themselves being creative.  Color Wonder is a perfect car ride and airplane activity, doctors office visit and restaurant activity, or even a busy time activity on Momma’s bed while she gets ready for the day (as pictured).  There is no concern for distracted fingers moving markers across clothing, bedding, or furniture.  They are magic.

I highly recommend Crayola Color Wonder for those needed busy activity times that less supervision is available.  My personal opinion is that Color Wonder is ideal for ages 2-4.  Note: the packaging states “3+”.  The markers are “fat” and easy for tiny hands to maneuver.  They make a great gift for those creative little ones in your life who might have plenty of crayons, paints, stamps, and stickers.  And this gift doubles as a break for their parents who you adore; might they take a moment for themselves, sit down with a cup of tea and breathe while their tot puts marker to paper and makes magic.  Color Wonder is available in many designs, activity packs, and characters.  And they work for my little guy and me this Wednesday.

Wishing you a colorful and magical day!
– T

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Just One Bite – Works For Me And… Mother’s Day * Birthdays * Holidays

IMG_9791I am a firm believer that a sweet tooth is hereditary and I have no doubt that I got mine from my Granddad.  He was a man who often said “you only live once, eat dessert first” and he never met a dessert he didn’t like.  At Thanksgiving as dessert plates were being filled the question would be asked “Pumpkin, Pecan or Apple?” to which he responded “Yes please”.  Translation: he’ll take one of each and don’t forget the Chocolate that wasn’t even mentioned.  My sweet tooth doesn’t quite have the same appetite.  Just one bite works for me.

If you are someone like me or know someone like me who has a bit of a sweet tooth and enjoys an after dinner treat then you need to know about Just One Bite.  This small business offers a variety of single serving desserts that can be prepared and ready to enjoy within a matter of minutes.  They mix fresh dry ingredients and package them ever so sweetly to be opened and prepared by their customers by simply adding a couple “wet” ingredients then microwaving.

Just One Bite has a variety of flavors as well as six different gluten free mixes.  My personal favorite is “It’s Practically My Birthday” Cake.  My husband is a huge fan IMG_9787of their Chocolate Lava Cake and as far as my teen goes, well, he shares the same middle name as his Granddad and lives by the same motto of eating dessert first so he’ll take one of each!  Just One Bite has a S’more Brownie mix that is one of their top sellers as well as a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cake, Pumpkin Spice Cake, Streusel Coffee Cake, Crustless Pecan Pie, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, and Peanut Butter Chip Cake.  All of these mixes are delicious and can be purchased off of their website for $2.50 each along with a five inch whisk for $1.25 and a four inch Ramekin to bake in for $2.75.

Just One Bite doesn’t just work for me, it works as a gift for others!  It’s a perfect birthday gift, Mother’s Day gift, surprise treat, and is a great thing to keep in the pantry for those nights that a sweet tooth flare up occurs.  If you’d like to send this sweet treat to a friend Just One Bite will gift wrap ($2.25) your selections and your thoughtful tasty gift will be ready share with a very lucky person.  These delicious mixes make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift.  For orders to be received by Saturday, May 10th be sure to place your orders by Monday, May 5th.

IMG_9792Just One Bite will be happy to receive your orders and fulfill them year round.  Be sure to LIKE them on Facebook and bookmark their website so that you have a yummy gift idea ready to order for Father’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays, “Works for me Wednesdays”, and every other day.

For other fantastic ideas check out more It “Works for me Wednesday” posts on Kristen Welch’s  blog site “We are that Family” or search Twitter for #wfmw.

© 2014 All opinions are my own.
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Framesi Color Lover–Works For Me


framesi color loverIt “Works for me Wednesday” hosted by Kristen Welch of the blog/website “We are that Family” is a great place to find reviews of ideas/projects & products that WORK for others.  Consider #wfmw a hidden manual of sorts that will offer tips and tricks you may not have discovered as well as products you must try.

My recommendation that I believe anyone with color treated hair MUST try is the Color Lover Line by Framesi.  This shampoo, conditioner, and primer works for me on Wednesdays and every other day of the week.

For the past few years I would ask my stylist to add lowlights to my hair.  I love being a natural blonde however just like those with curly hair who want straight hair and vice versa I wanted my hair to be a little darker than my natural base.  Time and time again I would walk away from the salon feeling confident that my color was “just right”.  And it was on day one.  In fact, week one was always exactly what I wanted – blonde with dark blended in adding the contrast and dimension I loved.  Yet by week two and especially week three my brunette strands had faded.  I finally decided that it was time to embrace my blonde.  Or was it?

Enter Framesi Color Lover.  The answer to keeping my color.  It works.  The last time I had my hair color treated I faithfully and strictly used the Framesi Color Lover line to care for my hair.  Framesi Color Lover prolonged my color and in fact I still had those brunette locks on week eight!  Overall the lowlights had faded a little however it was still evident that my blonde had dimension.  I’ve been using the Volume Boost shampoo & conditioner and I love the weightless product as well as the volume it creates.  The Color Lover line also includes a Moisture Rich, Curl Define & Smooth Shine.  Along with the shampoo and conditioner I have also been using the Primer which is a light leave in conditioner that not only detangles but it leaves my hair shiny and without static.  I use the Primer on wet or dry hair.  It is made of a Quinoa Protein and plenty of vitamins and serves as a thermal guard when it comes to drying, curling and straightening my hair.  I owe a huge thank you to Annie Fisher of AFH Salon in Seattle for introducing me to the answer for prolonging my color treatment.

I’d love to hear what works for you; comment below or contact me on Twitter.  And follow We are that Family on Twitter for more #wfmw.
– T

framesi byNote:  The Framesi Company does not test on animals.  The Color Lover line is FREE of Gluten, Sulfate, DEA, Paraben, Sodium Chloride, and 100% Vegan.  Framesi packages their products in recyclable plastic.  Click here to find a salon near you that offers these fabulous products.

Tip:  Framesi’s BY (Be Yourself) line has a “light” gel and “light” hairspray that WORKS perfect with long hair styles that don’t require a super strong hold.  They are necessities for my hair.

© 2014 All opinions are my own.
I did not receive goods/funds/sponsorship to write this review.

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