Hand Winged Bald Eagle



The Bald Eagle is our National Bird.  With all the red, white, and blue crafts and décor this week a Bald Eagle sounded like the perfect symbol of freedom to add to our Independence Week.

This fun project turned out to be my little guy’s favorite of all time.  HE LOVES HIS EAGLE.



Upcycled Patriotic Windsock

Happy July!  This month I will be contributing two blog posts on Typically Simple
Today I’m excited to kick off the new month over on Typically Simple showcasing my festive outdoor décor.


Click here to learn how I created these Upcycled Patriotic Wind Socks to celebrate summer, Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Independence Day.

And a big thank you to Kelly for publishing my July craft post on her website!
– T

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“Hand” Made Flag T-Shirts

aIMG_2878Last year me and my little guy made flag      t-shirts for him and his big brother.

These Patriotic shirts turned out perfect for Memorial Day, Flag Day, & Independence Day.

My teen still wears his regularly however my tot has grown a few sizes since last summer and with a Marine Boot Camp Graduation in our near future as well as Flag Day and Independence Day we made him a new one this week that fits.

To create this Flag T-shirt you will need five items …
*White T-Shirt  *Blue Fabric Paint  *Red Fabric Paint  *Paint Brush  *Small Hand


Instructions:  Prewash t-shirt; Place a piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt so that the paint does not bleed through to the back of the shirt; Start with the blue hand print before adding the red stripes with a paint brush; Allow time to dry before wearing and washing.  Wear with Pride.

aIMG_2849And one more suggested instruction:  if your little one is anything like mine I recommend you pull out an old t-shirt from the Goodwill box in the Garage and some washable paints to paint while you work on the red stripes.  My tot loved every minute of painting a t-shirt “just like Momma” and was extremely proud of his finished product.

Cute, right?
– T

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“Daddy’s Candy ‘stache” . . . . A Sweet Father’s Day Gift

Mommas might love receiving vases filled with flower bouquets for Mother’s Day but when Father’s Day rolls around the best vase filled bouquet for Daddy is a stash (or ‘stache) of his favorite candy.


This is one of my husband’s very favorite gifts to receive.  At his office he is known for his “candy stash” which takes up an entire desk drawer therefore this sweet gift fits him perfectly.

candy 001aWhat you’ll need:
– A Vase
– Dad’s Favorite Candy
   (Skittles, Reece’s, Blow Pops & Twix for my husband)
– Craft/Popsicle Sticks or Wooden Skewers
– Ribbons for the Vase & for bows on the sticks
– Foam Paper or Card Stock
– A Little Hand
(or a few little hands; to trace & cut an “I Love You”)
– Letter Stickers
– Hot Glue Gun

This fun bouquet makes a thoughtful and personal gift.  It is one that any age child can help in creating; even if it is just to use their hand for the “I Love You” sign cut-out or selecting Daddy’s favorite candy.  This candy ‘stache is sure to please.

Wishing you a Sweet Week!
– T
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Hungry ‘Egg Carton’ Caterpillar


A fun preschool activity to go along with reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar Book (by Eric Carle) is painting and creating an Egg Carton Caterpillar!

aIMG_1242First, hang on to that egg carton you have in the fridge once you empty it.  You will also need paints, paint brushes, googly eyes, glue, and a pipe cleaner. 

Begin by cutting the carton in fourths.  Use the cover of the book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, as a model caterpillar.  Paint your Caterpillar Carton (we used teal, green, blue & red paint for ours).  After the paint dries glue the googly eyes on your caterpillar and punch two holes in the top of your carton to thread the pipe cleaner through.

These Caterpillar creations are fun to play with and look great on display on a bookshelf.  My little guy loves reading books and as we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar his Egg Carton Caterpillar mimics the story.

Tip:  Empty Egg Cartons do not just come in handy when creating Hungry Caterpillars; they are also perfect when painting – add different paint colors in each pocket; and they are great to have around when working on fine motor skills – add fuzzy balls and other small objects in the pockets for little ones to pick up and sort while working on their finger coordination.

Have fun repurposing that egg carton!
– T

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Party Décor * Modge Podge Numbers


I made the above numbers to use as a Graduation party decoration for my oldest son’s high school graduation party last year.  I used photos from each of his high school years so that the number “two” was covered in Freshmen photos, the number “zero” was patched with Sophomore memories, the number “one” included highlights from his Junior year and finally the “three” showcased his Senior year.

These photo covered numbers would work just as well for birthday parties using either the age or the birth year of the guest of honor.  And another super cute idea would be to cover letters of the birthday girl or boy’s name to display later in their bedroom.

To create these numbers for your own event you will need three items:  Numbers/Letter, Photos and Modge Podge.

I was able to find the Paper Mache numbers at Hobby Lobby.  After selecting all the photos I wanted to use I organized them in a Publisher document so that several photos would print per page.  I went to Kinkos to print my pages of photos because I wanted to select a heavier paper to print them on.  It only took Kinkos a few minutes to print the photo pages off of my jump drive and then I was on my way home to create a custom “2013”.

I cut out each photo and began my scrapbook numbers.  I used Modge Podge to glue each photo onto the numbers while creating an overlapping collage.  After the numbers were wrapped in photos and all the brown was covered I used a paint brush to smooth Modge Podge over the photos as a sealant.  The brushstrokes will show and so I suggest using long straight strokes.  After the first coat of Modge Podge was completely dry (a few hours)  I added a second coat to ensure the edges of my photos would not lift.

The result – AWESOME.  Not only did my son love and appreciate having his high school years reflected on his graduating year, 2013, I received countless compliments at his graduation party.  They were a hit all around and they now sit on a shelf in his bedroom and serve as room décor.

Happy Party Planning!
– T


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