the bucket list blogger

trishHi, I’m Trish.  And tag.  Who also answers to Tricia-Ann, PJ, T, Pickle, Mom, and Momma.  I was once referred to as “Trishi-Ann” by Charles Barkley, and when my grandparents were living I responded to  Tricia Jean, Penelope & Patty Jean.

I’m crazy about my three guys, my siblings, my entire family, my friends, my beach bike, and my iPhone.  I am a believer, a wife, a boy-mom, a big sister, an amateur photographer & picture admirer, a wanna-be writer, a passionate volunteer, a tea addict, and a football fanatic.  And now, I am a blogger.  A bucket list blogger.

For several years I wanted to start a blog.  And all those years I made the excuse that “there are so many bloggers already”.  I told myself that “the ship has sailed”.  Yet it remained on my bucket list along with a hot air balloon ride, skydiving, five stadiums in five days, creating my own app, adding a stamp to my passport from another continent, purchasing a Volkswagen 21 Window Bus for my husband, and several other things that will only add anxiety if I start listing them all now.  I love to write. And I love to read.  The more blogs I read the more my desire to write my own blog has grown.  My husband has always encouraged me to write, of course, he was implying I write books but this is a start.  There is no time like the present to mark something off my bucket list and so here I sit with a Venti Iced Black Tea from Starbucks about to write my very first blog post…  I hope you’ll join me for the ride!

Click here to view my very first blog entry.

© 2014 All opinions are my own.



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