Campfire-Less Youth Group S’Mores

Smores005My very first memory of S’mores is NOT from a chilly evening filled with mountain air on a family camp trip with aunts, uncles, and cousins circled around a campfire as creamy white marshmallows melted off of skewers and sticks that we all held over the red and orange flames.

That is actually my second memory of making S’mores.

My very FIRST memory of S’mores is from a youth group meeting in the fellowship hall at the church I attended growing up in my small hometown. 

To recreate my Youth Group’s Camp Fire-Less S’mores you’ll need a baking sheet, aluminum foil, graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars. Smores001 Begin by opening all the packaging and breaking your crackers and chocolate into square pieces.  The marshmallows brown quickly and it’s best to have everything prepared before you begin.

Turn your broiler on Medium Heat then cover your pan in foil and place one layer of graham crackers on the foiled pan with a marshmallow on top of each square.  Heat in broiler for 1-2 minutes; until marshmallows begin to brown then remove the pan from broiler.


Add chocolate squares on top of the marshmallows, top with another graham cracker square then return the pan to the broiler for an additional minute.  Allow S’mores to sit for a moment to keep from burning your taste buds.  They are just as warm & gooey as when made over a campfire.


These S’mores are sure to be a hit on those nights that you are wishing you were sitting outside around a campfire in the pines or on youth group night at church.

– T


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