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Better Buzz Coffee is better than __________. 
Please fill in the blank with your favorite coffee and/or tea spot
then read the above sentence and know these words are true.

aa-IMG_8386Better Buzz is a Southern California coffee shop that currently has five locations as well as a separate coffee roasting facility.  I have been to three of the five locations and they all serve the very best iced teaQuick Disclaimer:  I do not drink coffee.  However I do come from a family of coffee snobs and have raised a nineteen year old “good” coffee connoisseur.  I drink all flavors of tea and enjoy them hot, iced, and blended.  I am a “Self proclaimed tea addict” aka a Tea Snob.

The Lab at Mission Beach is one of the Better Buzz locations and it is a super fun spot to order your tea or aa-IMG_83771coffee.  The back counter at The Lab is filled with jars of different tea leaves.  Take a moment to soak in all that goodness then make your selection or even make a couple selections, order and enjoy your own Better Buzz Tea creation.  My favorite combinations are half Sun Dew Green Tea & half Black Assam Bukhial  or half Green Sun Dew & half Mango Black Tea.

If coffee is more your cup of tea then try The Best Drink Ever which was named after San Diego’s nickname for their signature Americano with a touch of sweetness, cream and vanilla or try their Vanilla aa-IMG_5034Latte!  Both of those amazing creations come recommended by my older son, my Aunt and my cousin.  And believe me they know what they are talking about when it comes to coffee.

You’ll want to plan on trying Better Buzz on your first day visiting America’s Finest City so that you can make multiple stops for more of the BEST before your vacation ends.  Both The Lab and the Pacific Beach locations are close to the coast and and will provide a perfect Beach treat.

If you happen to live in San Diego ~ I’ll see you the beach!  I’ll be the one soaking in the sun and the ocean breeze while enjoying my half green & half black iced tea buzz.  Cheers!

A fixture along Interstate 5 in Carlsbad, California – the Carlsbad Strawberry Company has owned the farmland that can be seen from the freeway since 1948.


This local farm sells Strawberries at Farmer’s Markets around San Diego County, packages and sells them commercially by Aviara Farms, AND even better there is an area open to the public as “U-Pick”.

SB005When in season this Farm is on my “San Diego Favorites” List. 

The Carlsbad Strawberry Company is a short drive from San Diego and makes for a fun time with family or friends.

The Farm’s U-Pick stand opens each spring and they typically stay open until sometime in July.

There are two bucket size options for purchase upon entering however there is a charge for each adult SB002entering the farm to pick.  If you are visiting with little ones I suggest going with the larger bucket which covers the cost of two adults.

Whether you are looking for a fun family date, a basket of sweet Strawberries to create your favorite dessert, or planning a field trip for school or church, I recommend visiting Carlsbad Strawberry Company. Check their website for more information on dates, hours, and location.  Happy Picking!


A MUST make stop is the Donut Bar
in downtown at 631 B. Street.

If you live in San Diego, then make it a weekly stop!  This is by far the very best donut breakfast and dessert EVER.  However, if you plan on it being your dinner dessert you’ll need to pick up your donuts of choice in the morning because they sell out fast.

The Donut Bar opened in downtown San Diego in March 2013 and opened a second location in March 2014 in Orange County at 18011 Newhope Street.  They are by far the #bestdonutsintheworld.  The Donut Bar opens at 7am on weekdays and 8am on the weekend.  Their closing time varies as they close once they sell out which could be as early as 10am or as late as 1pm.  Blog - DB03Don’t chance it – go early!

The menu at Donut Bar changes daily.  They post their menu each evening on social media outlets to inform their customers of which of their favorite donuts will be available the following day.  Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and check their Website for more information.

There is a wide variety of donuts offered at Donut Bar which means you will find one you love if not six.  Their staff is as sweet as their product and the lovely Blog - DB06ladies ready to box your breakfast will share recommendations when needed.  They would also be happy to serve you up a tall Stumptown Coffee Roasters Cold Brew or regular, chocolate or strawberry milk; all chilled on tap!

My personal favorite donut at Donut Bar is the White Chocolate Crobar.  It is the perfect cronut filled with creamy goodness and topped with delicious shavings of white chocolate.  Of course I also love the Strawberry Split filled with fresh sliced strawberries which requires a fork and a knife to eat.  Another one of my favorites is the Cake Batter donut which is a party just waiting to Blog - DB04happen with perfect vanilla frosting and sprinkles.  For Girl Scout Cookie fans the Donut Bar makes a perfect Samoa .  My husband’s favorite is the Twix donut which in his words “is an awesome chocolate donut covered with crumbled pieces of Twix candy bar”.  Our teen prefers the Maple Bourbon donut when he has to pick just one.  Imagine creamy maple with a hint of Jim Beam.  YUM.  Daddy isn’t the only chocolate lover in our house; our little guy always goes for the Triple Chocolate Threat or a Chocolate Long John.

You really can’t go wrong at the Donut Bar unless  you sleep in and miss out.  Be sure to try the best donuts in the world the next time you are in Southern California and then let me know which was your favorite.  Enjoy!



001-Mt-Soledad.jpgStunning.  Absolutely breathtaking.

These views are not to be missed.  Add Mt. Soledad to your San Diego “must see” list.

On a clear day visitors can see the Coronado Bridge in Downtown San Diego all the way to the Torrey Pines Gliderport and all the places in between.  Views include Mission Beach, the San Diego Bay, Scripps Pier, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, the Mormon Temple La Jolla, and Kayakers making their way through La Jolla 003-Mt-Soledad.jpgCove.

These views of the San Diego area can all be seen from a top Mt. Soledad.

Paying tribute to our Veterans.  Sunrise or Sunset.  Picnic or Wave Watching.  Mt. Soledad is a must see.

Mt Soledad Veteran’s Memorial
6905 La Jolla Scenic Drive South
Open from 7am to 10pm

005-Mt-Soledad.jpgThe beautiful red brick steps lead to a platform in which a black fence surrounds a perfectly structured white cross that can be seen for miles.  The path around the base is covered in Memorial Plaques of United States Military Veterans included engraved photos and names of those who lost their lives fighting for our freedom.

Throughout the hilltop are several benches for those looking for a resting spot to soak in Sunny San Diego as well as a large grassy area for those toting a picnic lunch or the nigh time visitors who arrive just in time to star gaze.

006-Mt-Soledad.jpgMt. Soledad is a place for tourists and locals.  It is a must see Memorial that is a short drive from downtown and close to a few beaches along the coast.  Many local bikers enjoy the scenic ride up to the top.  For those driving cars there is a good size parking lot just below the hilltop.

Take it all in.
You’ll thank me later.

– T



coming soon… my favorite spot for tea, my favorite pizza place, my favorite family friendly resort, my favorite view of the city, my favorite touristy activity, my favorite farm, and more!
© 2014 All opinions are my own.


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  1. Ahhh!! So much love/truth in one post. 😍 I especially loved the “please fill in the blank and know these words are true” part. Haha!! Wish I had myself a delicious Mint Mojito Iced Coffee over here in Tempe as I head to take my Chemistry final. Making a trip out there for the best coffee and donuts ASAP (and to see my favorite cousins, eh, I guess I can squeeze them in) 😉


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