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Baked Fajita Taquitos (IN EGG ROLLS)

These Baked Fajita Taquitos were a HUGE hit with my family.
  The bonus is that they are baked & wrapped in Egg Roll Wraps which makes them a bit healthier than the typical Taquito.

TAQ- Finale

Onions are not favored in our home and so they did not make the ingredient list however these Taquitos can be filled with any Mexican favorites of those surrounding the table to partake.



Buffalo Chicken Sliders… OR Wraps OR Focaccia OR Salad OR Quesadillas

Blog - Recipe Buffalo ChickenWednesday nights at our house is SURVIVOR night.  We have not missed a season of the CBS Reality Show since it began airing in the year 2000.  Survivor night always means an easy to prepare and easy to clean up dinner night.  Even with having a DVR my OCD takes over and I prefer knowing that my Wednesday night meal is an easy one to accomplish.

Last night we had one of our family favorites, Buffalo Chicken Sliders, steamed carrots & a salad. (We also like our buffalo chicken on tortilla wraps, focaccia bread, as a salad topper and in a cheese quesadilla).  Since we were having sliders I added Bridgford rolls to a pan to rise at the same time I put the chicken in the crock pot.  It was less than 10 minutes prep time in the morning and then just before dinner time I added a couple more minutes to the prep time when I put the rolls in the oven to bake and added carrots to the stove top to steam.

Buffalo Chicken Sliders/Wraps/Focaccia/Quesadillas/Salads

4-5 Chicken Breasts
½ Jar of Franks Red Hot Wing Sauce
1 Packet of Dry Ranch Mix
1 TBS Butter or Margarine
Either Slider Rolls/Tortillas/Focaccia/Salad
Optional toppings: Provolone Cheese slices, Ranch Dressing, more Buffalo Sauce

Spray crock pot with cooking spray (or use crock pot liner), layer chicken breasts in the bottom of your crock pot, top with ½ jar of buffalo sauce, then sprinkle ½ packet of ranch mix on the buffalo sauce and cover with lid.  Cook on low for 6 hours if chicken is frozen, 4 hours if thawed.  Thirty minutes to an hour before serving use two forks to shred chicken; add a tablespoon of butter or margarine then cover.  Serve on rolls/tortillas/focaccia/salad and top with Provolone Cheese and Ranch Dressing.  Suggested sides: Steamed Carrots, Salad

Over the past couple years I’ve had several people request this recipe.  It takes very little effort for a tasty meal that works perfect on game night, for big family gatherings or anytime you are looking for an easy meal.  I hope you try it and love it. 
– T

Note for Carb Counters & Calorie Counters:  Franks Red Hot Wing Sauce has no sugar and a zero Carb & Calorie count.  Buffalo Chicken over salad is great for those on a lifestyle that does not include bread or for fewer carbs try it on a low-carb tortilla/wrap.  Enjoy!