Summer 2014 Bucket List

This 2014 Summer Bucket List was created by both myself and my three year old;
the fluorescent pedicure is for Momma however if my tot has any say in the color I will likely have ten different neon colored toes!

bucket list summer 2014 disney california adv 1.  Visit Family
Make a Tie Dye T-shirt
Water Gun Fight
Find the perfect spot to view more
than one Fireworks show on the 4th
Go to Disneyland
Make S’mores
(and then make them again)
Pay for a stranger’s tea or coffee
Go on a Family Picnic
Visit three different beaches
Go to a Baseball Game
Discover a new Splash Pad
bucket list summer 201412. 
Build an Elaborate Sand Castle
Buy & Fly a Kite
14.  Bike Coronado Island
Run through the Sprinklers
Send a gift card & a drawing to
someone unsuspecting
Get a Florescent Pedicure
Skip a Rock
Watch the Sunrise
Create a new Dessert that
tastes like Summer


We were able to cross a couple items off our summer bucket list when my sister was here the first week of June.  We will continue to post photos on Instagram as we make more memories from our bucket list including my pedicure that may or may not make next summer’s list.

What about your list?  What fun summer plans have you made?  Comment to share!

Here’s to sunny days and memories made.
– T

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  1. I love your Bucket List, all the ideas sound like ones I’d like to add to a list.. which I just asked the kids about tonight. My son wants to go fishing on his list, my daughter – she’s undecided. Me, I have a million ideas – I like your idea of trying 3 new or different beaches 🙂

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  2. How fun!! haha – I don’t think sunrise will ever be on my list by choice 🙂 (I am just not the morning person I’ve always hoped I’d grow up to be;) We are in Colorado, so camping and hiking in the mountains, Colorado Rockies game are on the list.

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  3. It’s so great to have a list like this! Yesterday was our last day of school but looking forward to coming up with ideas! I am sending my 14 year old on a trip to Virginia alone, on a plane, from Washington state. Ack! I’m a nervous wreck but she is super excited and not worried at all!


  4. Great list, I love the idea of getting input from the kids! I can’t believe I forgot to add “fly a kite” to my own, thank you! I would love to see a post about how you are building a kite, that would be very cool to see.


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