Breakfast or Dessert: Donut Bar

Blog - DB02WHEN IN SAN DIEGO… A MUST make stop is the Donut Bar in downtown at 631 B. Street.  If you live in San Diego, then make it a weekly stop!  I LOVE THIS PLACE.  This is by far the very best donut breakfast and dessert EVER.  However, if you plan on it being your dinner dessert you’ll need to pick up your donuts of choice in the morning because they sell out fast.  These donuts are the #bestdonutsintheworld.

The Donut Bar opens at 7am on weekdays and 8am on Saturday & Sunday.  Their closing time varies as they close once they sell out which could be as early as 10am or as late as 1pm.  Don’t chance it – go early!

Blog---DB06_thumb6The menu at Donut Bar changes daily.  They post their menu each evening on different social media outlets to inform their customers of which of their favorite donuts will be available the following day.  Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and check their Website for more information.

To read about my family’s favorite Donut Bar Donuts click here or go to the San Diego link at the top of this page.  Happy Monday!
– T


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